If you’ve ever accidentally had a phone or computer take a swim, you know that drying them out can be incredibly difficult. There are several little nooks and crannies that aren’t even accessible without taking the phone completely apart. The internet is widely enthusiastic about using rice to dry out the unreachable parts of your phone, and our Atlanta phone repair technicians have discovered that the technique actually does work—but your phone may not, thanks to water damage.

When Your Phone Gets Wet

The first thing to do when your phone gets wet is to turn it off or leave it off. You need to dry the exterior thoroughly, then carefully remove the battery casing and battery. Dry off what you can of the inside of the phone. If you can, bring it to one of our Atlanta or Nashville cell phone repair locations right away. The more quickly we can access the phone, the better job we can typically do of repairing it.

Using Rice

We encourage our customers to bring their water-damaged phones as quickly as possible, but that is not always an option. If it might take you a few days to get your phone to us, especially if you need to use our mail-in service, we strongly recommend that you try to dry the device as thoroughly as possible.

To dry your phone with rice, simply fill a sealable container with dry rice and place your phone inside with the rice. If you can remove the battery, do so and leave the battery compartment open. Put these additional components in the container as well. Allow the phone to dry for 24 hours. Silica gel or other air-drying agents will also work with this method.

For some people, simply drying their phone is enough to salvage it, but underlying issues may crop up over time. Even if you believe your phone is operating at 100%, it’s best to bring it in to one of our Atlanta iPhone repair specialists for a free water damage diagnostic.