Whether you purchased your iPhone yourself or you received it as a gift, there are few things that can make your heart sink as quickly as dropping it. Picking it up to discover a cracked iPhone screen can fill you with a distinct sense of dread. This often leaves you wondering how you are going to afford to get a new phone. Instead of getting a new phone, consider replacing the screen first.

You may find yourself to be handy around the house and perfectly tech-savvy, but you should never attempt to replace the screen on your own. Here are 4 reasons to let the experts handle your cracked screen repair.

4 Reasons You Should Never Attempt to Replace Your Cracked iPhone Screen Yourself

  1. You probably don’t have all of the right tools. You’ll have to get several different pieces and tools that you’ll probably never need again.
  2. You risk shattering the screen and frying the LCD if you don’t do it exactly perfect. This will end up being way more costly than just letting a professional take care of it.
  3. You’ll probably be following the guidance of an amateur on YouTube or from some blog. You don’t know this person’s credentials and have no reason to trust their guidance and advice.
  4. If you make one small mistake, you may end up frying the entire phone.

In the end, it’s just not worth the risk. Don’t follow the guidance of someone from YouTube or a DIY blog. Instead, let an expert handle your iPhone screen repair or LCD replacement and rest easy knowing your phone is going to be returned to you in perfect working condition.

At LifeLine Repairs in Dunwoody, we can repair your screen in no time at all, usually within 30 minutes of you walking in. You can stop by whenever is convenient for you or make an appointment. If you’re not able to come into one of our Atlanta-area stores, consider mailing your device in with our mail-in program. All repairs and parts are backed by a 120-day warranty, so you know you can trust us. Contact Lifeline Repairs today for more information on the repair services we offer or to get your cracked iPhone fixed today.