Today, many people depend upon their cell phones on a daily basis. These compact devices help consumers stay in touch with family members, friends, and colleagues. Additionally, numerous households rely upon mobile phones to access social media accounts. Mobile phones frequently store calendar and address book information, and assist in banking and shopping functions. Losing control of a cell phone for even a few hours sometimes results in considerable inconvenience.

Perhaps it seems natural, then, for many mobile phone owners to dread accidents requiring cell phone repair assistance. These fragile devices sustain harm comparatively easily. However, repairers today possess impressive capabilities for fixing seriously damaged phones and tablets. This brief article reminds everyone not to automatically assume a repair firm cannot correct accidental damage inflicted upon a cell phone. We’ve compiled a list drawn from online examples of some extreme situations in which customers who sought repair services for seemingly irreparably damaged devices successfully preserved their cell phones.

Completely Rebuilt Phones

Owners willing to allow a repairer to completely disassemble and rebuild a cell phone sometimes discover they can utilize a tool that might otherwise qualify as a total loss. Just consider a few unusual situations in which skilled cell phone repairers effectively salvaged damaged phones:

  • An owner accidentally left a cell phone in laundry which underwent a wash cycle;
  • A recycling company employee accidentally dropped a cell phone into glass sorting equipment;
  • A fire truck ran over a cell phone secured within a protective case, crushing the screen.

While extreme, these illustrations demonstrate cell phone accidents vary widely in terms of the extent of permanent damage inflicted upon mobile devices. Phone owners usually obtain the best results by checking with a repair firm first. Experts urge phone owners not to simply assume a badly damaged phone remains beyond repair. While some serious accidents do destroy phones permanently, in other cases a repairer may obtain surprisingly favorable results!

An Important Precaution: Backup

Internet-connected phones do permit owners to take one helpful precaution. To avoid permanently losing the contents, a consumer may obtain backup services. Both cloud-based storage providers and specially designed backup apps offer assistance to people seeking to permanently preserve data from cell phones. Using backup services helps prevent the loss of treasured family photos and other important information if a catastrophic cell phone accident should ever occur.