Today, investors sometimes search for appealing franchise opportunities. Companies have established franchises in a dazzling array of industries. Currently, some business analysts foresee a great potential for young companies in certain fields to grow and expand during 2019. The rapidly developing electronics industry generates a lot of attention.

The Electronics Marketplace

For example, Entrepreneur Magazine recently ranked several types of businesses as potentially “booming” franchise sectors this year. Numerous companies offer opportunities within each of these broad categories. These areas cover a broad spectrum:

  • Staffing And Recruiting Services;
  • Pets;
  • Fitness;
  • Frozen Desserts;
  • Electronics;
  • Childcare
  • Mexican Food;
  • Asian Food;
  • The Beauty Industry
  • Entertainment

Of course, the electronics industry encompasses a wide variety of specializations. Activities as varied as battery recharging services and electronic repairs fall within this group. A number of companies offer cell phone repair franchise businesses.

A Growth Area

Why does business activity within the electronics sector spark investor interest today? Possibly, the rapid increase in the use of cell phones since the release of the iPhone in 2007 contributed in some measure to this situation. It startles some people to realize the world’s first mobile phone did not become commercially available until 1973, when two Motorola engineers developed a portable 4.4 pound device! Within a comparatively brief span of time, light weight, powerful, compact mobile phones became widely popular in the United States. (These hand held gadgets have largely replaced public telephone booths in many places.)

The Pew Research Center compiled a fact sheet detailing key statistics about the importance of cell phones in the USA. Since 2011 alone, the use of Internet-connected “smart” phones has increased from 35% to 77%. The research organization estimates more than 9 out of every 10 adults in the nation presently owns a cell phone. About 20% of Americans rely exclusively on smart phones, not computers, for online access.

Intense Interest in Cell Phone Repair Services

Robust sales of mobile phones during the past decade has permitted some other, closely related, electronics industries to assume greater economic importance. Both mobile phone app development and cell phone repair services constitute important technology marketplaces today. This change likely helped fuel franchise creation in these specialized fields.


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