It’s a modern horror story.

You’re up past your usual bedtime, and the trace effects of caffeine in your body are beginning to wear off. You’ve almost finished drafting that very important email (probably to your boss, loved one, or future employer) when your hand slips. And there your email goes, half-baked and prematurely sent to its destination. There’s nothing left but panic and an in-process haphazard apology email. Panic that may result in the need for smartphone repair or PC repair the next day. Don’t let that happen.

Google Mail, commonly known as “Gmail,” has crafted the silver bullet for this notorious villain: an Undo Send feature.

To Activate Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ feature:

Log into your Gmail account and click the gear-shaped Settings icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Click the “Settings” button from within that Settings tab, and verify that the General tab is selected.

Find the “Undo Send” setting and click “Enable Undo Send.” From there, select your cancellation window. Options include: 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds. Scroll to the bottom of you page, and hit “Save Changes.”

To Test Trial This Feature:

Compose an email as you’d usually do; if you live on the wild side, feel free to address it to an actual person instead of your own inbox.

After finishing the email, hit “Send.” Upon the completion of this step, you’ll receive the following prompt: “Your message has been sent. Undo. View Message.” Click “Undo” before the prompt disappears, and voila! the email has been retrieved safely. From here, you can edit it or keep the email in your Drafts.

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Image courtesy of: Creative Commons / notoriousxl