If you’re an Apple lover, you’re probably patiently awaiting the release of the iPhone 6s. Have you been following all of the rumors and speculations about what the newest iteration of the iPhone will feature? One of the most intriguing features in our opinion is Force Touch.

What is Force Touch?

Apple developed Force Touch as a way to sense the difference between a tap and a harder press on the phone. Force Touch can then relay that information to the phone and correspond specific actions to the type of force you put on the phone. You can see Force Touch in action right now on three different devices: the Apple Watch, the 2015 MacBook and the 2015 MacBook Pro. Force Touch on the Apple Watch allows the user to press down on the screen to change the watch face, or press a little harder to bring up a secondary menu. It’s necessary for this small smart device since there is very little screen space, but it seems as though Apple has realized the potential for including this technology in all of its devices.

What Will Force Touch Bring to the iPhone 6s?

There are a few ways we envision Force Touch being a super useful addition to the iPhone 6s. The first being navigation — by allowing a second dimension to the way users can touch and interact with the phone, the developers can build in so many extra navigational options and menus. Maybe a light touch will pause a video, while a heavier touch will rewind or fast-forward it. Perhaps a light touch will open a basic menu, while a heavier touch will open a detailed menu. The opportunities are endless!

Another interesting application for Force Touch is gaming. By adding this additional haptic element, game and app developers can build in so many more functionalities within their apps. While there are no real reports of developers planning ahead for this feature, we have a feeling that it will be a huge change for the app and game developers out there.

When Can I Test out the Force Touch for Myself?

There is no set release date for the iPhone 6s yet, but if you follow their release history, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing all of the specs and details for the new device by the end of September. The phone will be released shortly after that.

Are you ready to try out the Force Touch feature on the new iPhone 6s? We’re excited to test out the new device too. If your phone isn’t going to make it that long, bring it in to us at LifeLine Repairs in Nashville and we’ll get your iPhone or smartphone back to working order so that you can keep hunting down all of the details about the new iPhone 6s!