Although your iPhone has been repeatedly notifying you about your dwindling iCloud storage capacity, you have consistently wished the message away until you hit the wall – no storage space! Since we have all experienced the inconvenience this causes, here are simple guidelines from iPhone Repair reviews to help you create more storage in your iPhone.

Remove apps You Hardly Use

The most natural place to begin at is removal of all the apps you lastly used six months ago. It is obvious that you device contains apps you downloaded but never came around to using, or those that you used just once. Such apps occupy space you could deploy for other uses because you can free as much as 500MB by deleting them. Here is how.

  • On the home screen tap and hold the app’s icon
  • Wait for all the icons to begin vibrating/shaking
  • The shaking indicates that the device is in Edit mode
  • To delete the app, tap on the X at the left corner

When the device is in edit mode, you can reposition the icons by dragging them.

Dealing with Apps Hard to Remove Like Game Center and Stocks

iPhones that come with apps the Apple pre-installed are hard to delete. Previously, Apple has stopped people from deleting default apps such as Calendar, Stocks, Notes, and Game Center. However, iOS 10 allows users to remove proprietary apps like Mail, Stocks and FaceTime. Do not think you will delete them altogether because it is easier just to hide them or to delete the data they have. Apps like messages, Safari or Phone cannot be deleted while others such as Weather, Maps, Tips, and Watch can be removed. What you will not gain is a lot of space. To delete such apps, do the following.

  • Go to Settings|General|Storage and iCloud
  • Tap Manage Storage
  • Delete anything you rarely use at the top of the list. Apps are listed in order of the amount of space they occupy
  • Any apps you hardly use taking up 300MB of space should go.
  • If you need it again you can always download it for free because it has a unique Apple ID which shows you are the owner.

Disable Photo Stream

Another option for freeing up space is to disable the photo stream. The images you see on your device are not full resolution but they take up a lot of space.

  • Go to Setting-Photos &Camera
  • Then deselect the option for My Photo Stream.
  • The photo stream will be removed.

I hope you can now breathe easy because you have more space.