Doctors as well as qualified fitness experts have long advised their patients and clients to maintain a regular exercise regimen to stay healthy. Going to the gym, running, dancing, swimming and even brisk walking are all excellent examples of physical activities that we can do to stay in shape and safeguard our health.

Listening to music while exercising is a great way to stay motivated. Choose music that you like listening to; it will enliven your exercise session and you’ll enjoy yourself more. Research (and reason) indicates that people are more likely to stick to an exercise that they enjoy.

As a long-time Atlanta phone repair company, we stay on top of technology trends in order to offer the best services to our clients. Bragi now makes wireless, in-ear headphones that will make exercise and other ordinary activities simple and more fun to do.

Match Your Activity Level

On land or in the water (yes, they are waterproof), you can pop your Bragi headphones in your ears and forget about them. Enjoy seamless, continuous music as you run for miles or complete lap after lap in the pool. If being active means working out for yourself, being constantly on the go for work, or trying to keep up with your family, the Dash headphones are able to keep up with and withstand your life.

Making the most of next-generation Bluetooth technology, the Dash delivers uncompromising sound quality to make your favorite exercise even more enjoyable. With no wires to get tangled, complete freedom of movement is yours, and with no wires to break, you can expect many years of use from this excellent product.

Monitor Your Progress

The Dash also keeps track of your body temperature, heart rate, distance completed, oxygen saturation, and more. It’s like having a personal trainer constantly monitoring your progress and motivating you to do your best. Tap into the many functions of this innovative headset and you will find yourself sticking to your exercise activities more religiously and enjoying the benefits of healthy living.

Modify to Your Lifestyle

Surround yourself with your own brand of music even if you share your living space with a partner, roommate or children who do not share your taste in music. The Dash will play your favorite tunes while you’re out gardening, in the kitchen cooking, or even in front of your computer working. No matter how you live your life with music, Bragi’s headphones make it easier for you to listen to the soundtrack of your life without interruption.

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Image Courtesy of: Bragi