Cellphones are virtually ubiquitous and have become indispensable for millions of people all over the world. They have redefined not only the way we live, work and play, but also how and when we communicate and relate to one another – on the fly and just at the touch of a button.

Phones that allow us to do almost everything need a lot of power. Phone manufacturers are constantly looking to increase the capacity of their phone batteries to keep up with the demand that is needed to support added pixels and faster, more powerful processors.

As a seasoned Atlanta iphone repair company, we often hear our clients complain about the time it takes to charge their phone batteries. For consumers who are used to web pages that load in the blink of an eye, the hour or so it takes to charge phone batteries feels like a lifetime.

Quick Charge 2.0

Qualcomm is the company that developed the technology behind Quick Charge 2.0. (Motorola markets their chargers using this same technology as “Turbo Chargers.”) Quick Charge 2.0 can charge devices up to 75 percent faster than conventional charging methods. The technology has been developed to charge a depleted battery in as short of a time as possible. Once the battery has been jump-started, the charge slows down to protect the integrity of the battery. Your phone has to be Quick Charge 2.0-ready, and you need a compatible charger.

Advantages vs. Wireless Charging

Moving forward, phone manufacturers are more likely to adapt their devices to include Quick Charge 2.0 rather than wireless charging technology. Wireless charging may be convenient, but it cannot offer the speed that you get from Quick Charge 2.0.

Additionally, the wireless charging industry has yet to come up with a universal standard that is accepted by the leading players in the field. This means consumers have to make a choice of one brand over another, tying them to some features they do not use, while leaving them wanting others that they cannot have.

Speed and widespread industry acceptance will continue to propel Quick Charge 2.0 to the forefront of the charging industry. This is a trend that consumers will no doubt embrace and rapidly take advantage of with hardly a second thought.

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Image Courtesy of: Flickr