Here at LifeLine Repairs, we’ve seen and done pretty much every possible repair for your smartphone or other mobile device. We have learned a lot thanks to these extensive repairs, and we want to share some of that knowledge with the rest of the world by making informative videos to share on our YouTube channel.

One of our latest informative videos covers how to replace your iPhone 5c’s screen. You can find the video at, but here’s a summary of the repair process.

How to Replace Your 5c Screen

As you watch our video, notice how our technician makes sure to keep safety a priority. He begins by putting a grounding wire around his hand to reduce the risk of static electricity or shock. He also puts on safety goggles. These precautions help to keep our employees safe, and they help to keep your electronics safe.

With one of LifeLine Repairs’ quality iPhone replacement screens on hand, the technician carefully unscrews the screen and pries it away from the phone. He then unscrews the additional internal screws that attach the screen to the phone’s motherboard. Our Atlanta iPhone repair technician is careful not to damage the other internal components of the phone as he removes the screen.

From here, things get a little more complicated, as the technician must remove the paneling that surrounds the broken screen. He removes the touch plate and home button carefully, and voila! The broken screen is exposed, removed and replaced, and the phone works like new!

Please remember that this and any video we post on our YouTube page is intended for educational uses only. We do not encourage you to try to replace your iPhone 5c screen on your own. Replacing the screen yourself is likely to void your warranty, and there is a possibility that you might further damage the hardware of your phone in your attempt.

We strongly encourage you to bring your iPhone 5c in to one of our trained technicians if you need the screen or anything else repaired. We promise to have your repairs done quickly and expertly so that you can get back to your life.