Today, many companies appreciate the importance of encouraging greener, more sustainable environmental decision making on a day-to-day basis. In July, Apple issued an historic pledge. By 2030, the company plans to ensure it maintains a completely carbon neutral footprint for its enterprise and its supply chains.

In making this announcement, the iPhone manufacturer joined several other major companies in committing resources to fight Global Warming. For example, Amazon previously promised it will become carbon neutral (by 2040). Apple’s decision elicited praise from some environmentalists, including the large Greenpeace organization.

Thinking Globally And Acting Locally

Yet it might surprise many phone owners to realize individual consumers do already exercise power in helping to control carbon emissions, too. Simply obtaining iPhone repair services (as opposed to purchasing a brand new smartphone) actually represents a very environmentally responsible course of action in many situations. Some controversy surrounds this issues. However, just consider two of the most significant benefits:

One: Maintain a Lower Carbon Footprint

Most people do not automatically think of carbon emissions when focusing attention upon information and communications technologies (“ICT”). Yet one Canadian study contends the ICT industry as a whole accounts for over 1% of worldwide carbon emissions. Defined as Internet-related technologies, computers, phones, telecommunications structures, and data centers, this rapidly growing field touches lives around the world today. The Canadian researchers argued cell phone usage does contribute to carbon emissions, since most cell phones rely upon components requiring the mining and production of precious metals. If accurate, this study might imply reusing and repairing damaged cell phones frequently supplies a lower carbon footprint than purchasing a brand new device every few years.

Two: Reduce The Volume of Electronic Device Waste

By opting to use a repaired or refurbished mobile phone, consumers also effectively help prevent these complex electronic devices from winding up as waste products. Seeking cell phone repair services effectively allows damaged electronic gadgets to obtain much longer usable lifespans. This action offers incremental support in reducing electronic waste product volumes.

The Benefits of Repair Services

Whether someone agrees cell phones maintain a carbon footprint or not, the long term benefit of promoting repair and refurbishment services appears clear cut. Elevating this technology from the disposable consumer products category into reusable forms holds environmental advantages. Repairers perform an important role in this process!