Many people have come to rely on their cell phones for communication with the outside world. Since a large majority of individuals only have their cell phones to perform this service, this makes these phones essential in times of trouble.

Some big tech companies have attempted to profit on cases when people decide to use another third-party to repair their cell phones by making it difficult for private citizens to repair their broken technological devices using a third party repair service or attempting to fix the issue at hand on their own.

Read on for the latest new F.T.C. ruling impacts cell phone repair for private citizens that own these devices.

What This F.T.C. Ruling Means for Cell Phone Owners

This ruling from the F.T.C. is a step in the rights of private individuals to take their broken electronic devices to another third party repair service that can fix the problem faster and for less money than the typical route where a customer faces long delays.

These delays arise when consumers are waiting for the company to ship a broken phone to a central repair center that is authorized to fix these devices. There have been many recent reports that some repair services that cell phone retailers can do locally are being overruled by the main cell phone company.

The projected reasons for these interference efforts by big tech companies are based on the hopes that encourage consumers to pay more for upgrading to a new phone rather than go through the hassles of repairing their older models.

Why These Rulings Are Important to Small Repair Shops & Private Citizen Rights

The government intervenes in cases where a large company gains a monopoly on a specific type of service enabling the companies to charge high rates and fees for the use of these services.

This has occurred with energy companies that supply the power to light up homes and phone companies that have jacked up prices for their phone service in a specific region where they have all the power in their hands and can basically charge whatever fees they want.

What This Means for Cell Phone Related Repair Services

Government watchdog organizations step in when cases like these arise to protect the interest of the consumer that must pay more for the services that they are dependent on.

This can be good news for consumers as more competition between repair providers should lower costs and make repairing these items less of a major headache.

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