Today’s society can be described in one word “Mobile”.  With almost everyone owning a mobile device and being dependent on it to stay connected, one can’t go without it, even for a day.  Have you been in the situation where you left for work, you got there, and you noticed your cellphone is missing?  All your contacts, reminders, appointments, Internet access and everything else you use your smartphone for is no longer available.

On the other hand, leaving your phone is not the main hazard when it comes to loosing your lifeline to the world.  Number one has to be damaging your smartphone and the most common damage includes a cracked screen, water damage, and rarely, wear-and-tear on the phone itself.  But the big difference is, there is nothing you can do about it yourself, well at least most of us.  Not only that, all the major carriers can’t really help you either, unless you are due for an upgrade and renew your contract … or just buy a new phone (and pay full price for it, which costs an arm and a leg).  So, you are basically out of options.

That’s where the smartphone and tablet repair industry comes in.  Most of the companies in the industry do same-day repairs and are fairly inexpensive (compared to having to replace your phone with a new one).  But that’s where you have to be cautious and choose the right repair service provider.  With the smartphone and tablet industry growing so fast, the need for repair companies is also increasing.  The question is how do I choose the right repair company for my needs?

Well, there are several things you should consider when choosing your repair service provider:

  1. Price:  This will always be a primary consideration for most ofThe price should be competitive and should include a warrantee (recommend a 120 day coverage period).
  2. Convenience:  If you’re like me, convenience is the next consideration; I don’t want to drive 50 to get my phone fixed and I want it fixed in a reasonable amount of time (that’s means today, if possible).
  3. Reputation and credibility of the repair company:  Look for comments about the quality of parts and service in online write-ups in Yelp, Google, andThis also includes how I’m treated on the phone when I make the initial call and how I’m treated when I first go to the store.

These three points are the ingredients of the whole picture.  When it comes to price, try to find companies that are competitive.  I recommend that you don’t focus on ‘garage’ repair companies; these mainly offer service where you can ship the device off to be repaired (most of the time they don’t have walk-in locations).  If it so happens that you want to ship your device (primarily, because you live a remote location or don’t have a repair company in your community), make sure to call the company, read about the company online, and confirm they have physical locations.

Reputation and credibility of the company consists of a few things.  As mentioned before: Does the company have physical locations?  What are people saying about them online?  What warranty do they offer?  Do you get a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling when you call the shop?  Do they have a courteous and professional attitude?  Do they try to accommodate you and you schedule?

So what are the red flags when it comes to smartphone and tablet repair?

  1. No physical location.
  2. A 99-year warranty on all repairs and purchases (I mean, come on!).
  3. Numbers of bad reviews.
  4. Add-on service: An example of this would be a Watch and Jewelry Repair Company, which ALSO does smartphone and tablet repair.
  5. Unclear pricing of the services.
  6. Upfront charges (regardless of if your smartphone or tablet was fixed or not).

Remember, your smartphone and/or tablet is your link to your friends, family, and business.  If it gets damaged, try to keep these tips in mind.  These suggestions may save you time, money, and help you avoid a lot of frustration.

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