Apple recently released an update that allows you to view the health of your battery and disable throttling if it isn’t in optimal condition. Keep reading to learn how to check and modify your iPhone to customize battery performance.

Steps to Modify Battery Throttling

Once Apple finally admitted that old iPhones experienced a decrease in performance, customers were outraged and felt that they had been tricked. Apple initially offered a reduced price on battery replacements for all iPhones, even those that were no longer under warranty. iPhone users who weren’t interested in a battery replacement rejoiced when Apple announced that iOS 11.3 would show battery health and provide an option for users to disable throttling if their device is affected. Follow these steps to turn off battery throttling.

  1. Update your software
    You need to have iOS 11.3 to get access to the battery healthy feature. If you’re not running the latest update, navigate to “settings” and under the “general” option choose “software update.”
  2. Accessing battery settings
    Select “settings” and tap on “battery” followed by “battery health” to get access to the battery health feature.
  3. Checking the capacity
    Once you access your battery health, notice that there are two sections. The first is “Maximum Capacity” and shows how much the battery can hold. A newer device should have a maximum capacity at 100 percent, while older iPhones are likely to have lower capacity because they’re older.
  4. Peak performance capability
    This option allows you to see if your iPhone is currently being throttled. You’ll see text stating your battery is operating at peak performance, which disables the option to disable throttling. If you aren’t operating at maximum capacity, your device will say that your phone has experienced a shutdown because the battery was insufficient to deliver necessary power. Your phone enabled performance management, which you can disable. Once you disable it, you can’t turn it back on. Apple advises you to replace your battery instead of disabling throttling.
  5. Battery health is still a new feature and updates will come as Apple updates and tweaks it to meet users’ expectations. Many users were affected by throttling and started referring to the error as “Battery Gate.”

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