A lot of us really love our Android phones—so much so that we don’t always want to trade them in when our two-year contracts are ready to be renewed. The problem is that after two years of use, your phone can start to run a little slowly, thanks in large part to the digital detritus that naturally occurs as codes and data age.

 Our Atlanta iPhone repair specialists note that the same thing happens on your laptop or PC over time too. Just like your home computer, all your Android phone needs is a little spring cleaning to speed back up.

Step One: Remove Unneeded Apps

Your first step in the process of bringing your old Android back up to speed is to fully remove any apps that perform poorly or you no longer use. To do this, open your settings and find either the “Apps” or the “Applications” menu. Go to the “Downloaded” tab; touch the label for any app that you wish to uninstall and tell your phone to “Clear Cache,” “Clear Data,” and then either “Disable” or “Uninstall.”

Our Atlanta phone repair technicians recommend that you be very upfront with yourself and remove anything you are legitimately not using. After you have finished removing apps, restart your phone and see if it is operating more quickly. If it isn’t…

Step Two: Make Space

You may need to clear up some of your Android phone’s memory to speed it up. Go into the “Apps” menu again, choose “Options,” and sort by size. This will show you which apps take up the most memory in your phone. Free up space by clearing the caches of the top memory consumers, then test your phone’s speed after restarting. It may also help to clear up some storage space.

If All Else Fails…

If all else fails, you can reinstall the factory stock software to your Android phone to speed it up. You will want to fully back up your data before you pursue this step. You may have to set up several apps again, but your phone will be running much more quickly.