Replaceable batteries are becoming increasingly rare in smartphones, which makes it all the more essential for you to take steps to encourage your battery to last longer. Our Atlanta cell phone repair technicians have a few easy tips for you to follow to keep your smartphone’s battery happy and healthy for years to come.

Top It Off

Everyone has heard that you should let your battery drain close to completely, then charge it, but that does not apply to the lithium-ion battery found in your smartphone. Following the advice to fully drain a lithium-ion battery can actually damage the battery over time and shorten its lifespan.

Instead, you should make an effort to keep your battery above 50 percent if possible. That doesn’t mean you should constantly charge your phone. Our specialists recommend that you just try to top it off when you notice it’s started to lose a reasonable bit of charge.

Keep It Cool

Overheating your battery causes it to degrade much more quickly than it would otherwise. Lithium-ion batteries lose a shocking 20 percent of their maximum capacity annually at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but that number decreases the colder your battery stays. We aren’t recommending that you keep your phone in the freezer, but we do encourage you to avoid leaving it in a hot car.

Don’t Charge Wirelessly

In the vein of keeping your phone cool, our experts in iPhone repair in Atlanta recommend that you avoid charging your phone wirelessly. Although this ability can offer impressive convenience, wireless chargers generate a good bit of heat, which transfers directly to your battery. By using a standard plug-in charger, you will be able to skip that added heat. Standard chargers also have a smart cut-off feature, which will keep them from producing additional charging heat once your phone has been charged.