Have you ever been in the situation where you need to contact someone or give them a phone number to call back, but you don’t really want to give your personal phone number?

Well there is an option for that now and its called burner; an app that lets people create disposable numbers so that they could use it in place of their real number. Burner recently released an app for the Android market and a huge update for iPhone.

The software replaces the real Burner phones with software generating temporary numbers. Usually there is no account information associated with burner phones therefore they are anonymous. Burner offers similar anonymity without having the need to toss the phone after use, you just have to delete Burner generated phone number.

Popular belief is that only drug dealers and criminals use this for obvious reasons, but for us non criminals is very useful when you are selling something online, or want to call someone and have no follow up calls.

Also, Burner numbers are not free. For example $1.99 will buy you a so called “Mini Burner” a number that will last you for seven days with 20 talk minutes or 60 texts, whichever comes first, buying in app credits before it expires could extend Burner. Those who need a number that lasts longer and handles more traffic can spend $4.99 for a 60-day number with 75 minutes or 270 texts. You can delete number at anytime. The burner app includes voicemail and inbox, which works same as on your regular service. Something also important to mention is that you cannot use mms service, so no picture or videos messaging. In addition you can’t call 911 from a burner number. All in all it’s a great app if you are shopping online and calling people you don’t know and want to avoid giving away your phone number online.