LifeLine Repairs monitors the iPhone repair marketplace to ensure we learn about significant developments impacting smart phones and repair services. The rapid spread of mobile technology sometimes creates challenges for people seeking information about current news in this field. Recently, we learned about some new innovations involving the new Apple iPhone 11 of possible interest to consumers:

The iPhone 11 Utilizes Dual Cameras

This autumn, Apple revealed that its new iPhone 11 will utilize a sophisticated dual camera system. Consumers now enjoy both wide and “ultra wide” options for taking videos and photos with their smart phones. The company reports it employs very strong glass in the new phone’s digital cameras. This innovation should hopefully reduce the extent of the damage to the phone’s cameras caused by accidental beverage spills or exposures to water. Customers should still take steps to prevent these devices from coming into contact with liquids, of course. The new iPhone’s warranty won’t cover liquid damage.

A Consumer Friendly Camera Interface

Additionally, in its press release announcing the features of the iPhone 11, the manufacturer reported it has developed a new interface for the cameras. The company believes the change will make it easier for customers to shoot digital photos and videos using their smart phones. Video editing tools to facilitate cropping, rotating the image, and adjusting filters should assist some iPhone 11 owners in mastering the camera system. For example, the phone now includes a “night mode” filter. Some amateur photographers will likely have an easier time relying upon the latest model to capture selfies that include clearly visible background images, for instance.

Faster Face ID Technology

Apple reports that the iPhone 11 also supplies significantly faster facial authentication components. It sought to speed up the Face ID process in order to assist phone owners who choose to employ facial recognition tools to help secure their phones’ contents against unauthorized access. In addition to easing the process of snapping a selfie, the new model of the iPhone boosts the speed of Face ID by an impressive 30%.

Why Smart Phone Repair Services Track iPhone Changes

The repairers who fix broken smart phones maintain a vested interest in tracking brand modifications and improvements. Customers today own a wide cross-section of popular iPhones. Repairers need to know how to fix phone problems impacting different models!