The iPhone and the iPad are great devices which allow you to stay organized, communicate, listen to music, and much more. Integration of the two devices is possible and can be done through iCloud.

What is the iCloud?

The iCloud was developed by Apple to allow access to files, music, and more on all of your Apple devices. You can have access to your iTunes, Photo Stream, Calendar, Contacts, Email, and Apps and more. iCloud is expanding to include new features and can keep your devices connected. Your Atlanta iPhone repair shop can help you set up your iCloud to your various devices.

Advantages of Using iCloud

One of the great features of the iCloud is that it holds an unlimited amount of your information. You can store your files, emails, photos, music, and much more. Anyone with access can view what you have stored. You can also play videos and music directly from the iCloud instead of having to download them first. One of the best features is its ability to back up and restore data. If you make changes to your content in iCloud, it will automatically sync the changes to all your devices that are connected to the same iCloud. Also, you don’t have to fool around with a USB cord between your devices to sync them.

Disadvantages of Using iCloud

Many people are not comfortable using iCloud becasuse they do not feel that it is safe to store files and other information in a third party service. They are concerned that there private data could be accessed by an unauthorized person. Another problem is created when a user tries to upload purchased CDs and songs through iTunes. They will not be sent to the cloud. There are many other accessibility issues, and the iCloud is only accessible to IOS devices. There can also be a problem accessing files if you are not using the program that they were created in. Let’s say you took an awesome photo of Joe hula dancing with Karen, edited it in Preview, and then saved it to iCloud but now you want to use the photo in the newsletter that you are creating in Pages. You can’t bring it over directly. You would have to move the photo to your computer into Preview first and then you could use it in the newsletter. There are many features that make things possible but not really easier. Your iPhone repair store may be able to suggest solutions.

You can definitely integrate your iPhone and iPad and other Apple devices but you need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. An Atlanta iPhone repair shop can help you navigate through the problems. There are apps that are available that can help with integration problems and Apple is also always working to improve their products. While the integration may not be seamless, it can still accomplish a lot by keeping you connected. Visit your Atlanta iPhone repair store and they can answer your device integration questions.