Are you one of the Apple users impacted by the recent battery fiasco? A software fix is on the way if that’s the solution you’ve been seeking. Last year Apple apologized to users for slowing down performance on older iPhones when software updates were released. They also drastically reduced the price of a replacement battery from $79 to $29. The iOS update will give more information about your iPhone battery’s overall health and how it’s impacting your user experience.

The biggest feature users can look forward to is the ability to disable the automatic throttling that Apple implemented without the user’s knowledge that might have led to seeking iPhone repair. Apple defended the action by reasoning that throttling would help overall performance by preventing or reducing the number of app and phone crashes due to a weak battery.

The discovery created lawsuits that sprung up all over the country and anger with Apple users who felt that they had been tricked. They thought it violated their contract and the actual intent was because they wanted users of older phones to upgrade earlier than intended. Apple vehemently denied the claim.

Individuals impacted by the actions have been waiting for a fix if they didn’t opt to take advantage of the deep discount for a new battery. The ability to look at battery statistics was introduced with the latest release, iOS 11.3, which is available for users who want to subject their device to a beta version that isn’t as stable as the previous version. If this sounds appealing to you, continue.

Back your device up to the iCloud in case something goes wrong during the process. You don’t want to lose any important information. Go to and opt to enroll in the Apple beta program. Install the update and go to “settings.” From there, tap on “battery” and then “battery health (beta)” to look at how your current battery performance stands. The feature is expressed as a percentage of its capacity compared to what it’s rated for. A link inside the setting sends you to a website to learn about lithium batteries and how they gradually decline in performance over time.

The “performance management” feature will be turned on if your phone has been throttled, but there’s no way to disable it unless it’s been activated already. If it has, you can tap “disable” to prevent it from occurring again. Apple mentioned that, over time, all batteries would need to be replaced in phones because they do deteriorate. The regular update of iOS 11.3 is expected to launch in the spring.