With all of the expensive mobile devices that people carry around these days, you think they would be more careful. Smartphones and some tablets comfortably fit in our pockets and most are well worth over a few hundred dollars, yet as fate would have it, breakage never fails to occur.

Although sleek and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, products made from tech giants like Apple are not indestructible, despite developing a reputation for being able to take quite a beating.

When Your Air Goes Awry

Think about how many times you have dropped your phone or other smart device. Looking down in fear, you probably expected the worst, yet to your surprise nothing happened.

On the other hand, there are also times when minor mishaps may not seem to be problematic yet turn out to be a big issue after all. The iPad Air is Apple’s newest addition to the brand’s famous tablet line, and it is also the thinnest and lightest to date. As the name suggests, this thing weighs next to nothing and is certainly fragile.

Fortunately, help is available for the unfortunate few who are currently staring down at a cracked Air screen. A few options are available to those with broken consumer electronics. Either you throw the product away, attempt to fix it by yourself, send it back to the manufacturer if covered under warranty or seek the help of a third party repair shop.

This last one is particularly important for non tech-savvy folks and those wanting to save a lot of money. Remember, just because the screen is broken on your iPad Air does not mean it is permanently damaged. However, one wrong move with those delicate internal pieces could quickly turn that prized possession into an overpriced paperweight. It is generally more expensive to have the manufacturer replace a broken device, especially when a qualified repair shop can provide the same expert-level service for much less.

At LifeLine, we specialize in all types of iPad repair in Atlanta, including the latest and greatest Air. Our two most popular Atlanta iPad repair services for this model include a touch screen replacement priced at $179.99 and an LCD replacement for $199.99. Keep in mind that to buy brand new, the Air runs between $500 and $700 depending on which size hard drive you purchase, so even if fixing it sounds pricey, it will save you a few hundred dollars compared to buying a new Air.
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