A new research study shows that Kindergarten students using iPads scored better on literacy tests than students that didn’t use the device. The study conducted by GameDesk focused on one particular fractions  app called Motion Math for elementary-school aged children.  Over 120 participants played the game for 20 minutes daily for 5 days. Among the findings were that knowledge of fractions increased an average of 15%. Participants reported liking fractions more after playing the game  and grew confident in their  ability to solve them.

Another study conducted in Auburn Maine randomly assigned half of the districts 16 kindergarten classes to use iPads for nine weeks.  129 students used an iPad, while 137 students were taught without one. Each of the 266 students were tested before and after the iPads were introduced into the classroom.  According to the literacy test results classes using the iPads outperformed the non-iPad students in every test.  Although researchers point out that it was not only about test scores. They also noticed the children that used an iPad were much more interactive, motivated, with high levels of engagement.

Furthermore when it comes to higher education there was a study done called “iPad or iFad?  Realities of a paperless classroom” by Dr.Shepherd and Dr. Brent Reeves of Abilene Christian University. They researched what impact the iPad really has when used in classrooms. The findings were clear: Increased student engagement, enabled collaborative learning, and more potential for student productivity and efficiency. The results showed an improvement in technology competency and reduced  back-end effort from the teachers.

The fear of technology inhibiting the way students learn may not be grounded. All three studies showed the use of tablets within the academic environment are actually helping students learn. As Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Reeves show in their study, we could very likely see a paperless classroom in the near future.

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