Choosing the right smartphone for you can be a little tricky. Is one best-selling option really better than the other? There are a lot of big differences between the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


While the sleek, aluminum look of the iPhone 6 is more appealing, our Jacksonvil​le ​iPhone repair pros think you may want to take an extra look at the faux leather and detachable stylus on the Note 4. The iPhone may win in looks, but the Note trumps it when it comes to durability when dropped because, let’s face it, aluminum will dent and scratch much easier and doesn’t leave much cushion for that giant screen. The Note also has a one-up in that it has a removable back, so users can easily change batteries and SIM cards on their own.


If you’re going to have a giant screen, you’re going to want to make sure it’s doing things right. While there are many differences and similarities between the two, the one that will catch your eye the fastest is the blue tint to the Samsung’s screen. While it is able to display a gorgeous realm of colors, the blueish tint could be a little distracting. Another major difference is how well the iPhone 6’s screen is viewable outdoors in the bright sun. On both devices, the brightness would need to be turned all the way up, but the iPhone 6 is much easier to see.


When it comes to the processor, both devices are worthy; however, the Note wins by a thin margin for productivity. For the camera, the Note works better in dimly lit scenes, while the iPhone works best in brightly lit areas. Both feature a front-facing camera with the Note being just a little better with 3-MP vs. Apple’s 1.2-MP. Battery life is also a major concern, and our Jacksonville smartp​hone repair experts have found that the iPhone 6 lasts more than an hour longer than the Note 4.

OS and Interface

This is perhaps the make or break for most people. This is Apple vs. Google. Apple has been known for it’s user-friendly, clean-cut devices. A major difference is the fact that you cannot run two apps side-by-side on an Apple device like you can on the Note. The rest of the differences come down to individual tastes and needs, especially when it comes to the realm of apps available for both devices.

Image Courtesy of: Karlis Dambrans/Flickr