Are you anticipating the release of the iPhone 6s? We at LifeLine Repairs love all things tech, so naturally we’ve been following the buzz around this new Apple device. We’ve been searching for details about predicted features, possible launch dates and possible design specs. The release of a new device is always a fun event, so stay tuned to learn more details about the new iPhone 6s as they become available to us!

When Can you Expect the iPhone 6s to Hit the Shelves?

Apple has a habit of releasing products on the same cycle every year. The history of their iPhone releases would point to September 2015 being the most likely release date for the iPhone 6s.

The history of iPhone releases shows Apple’s proclivity for releasing the new devices in September of each year. For example, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus were released in September of last year and the iPhone 5s and 5c were released the September before that.

This leads us to believe that we’ll see the iPhone 6s release in September of this year. What exactly will this new iPhone come with? We’re curious too, so we did some more research.

What Changes Are Coming With the iPhone 6s?

A look at the rumors surrounding the iPhone 6s show that there are some really great features that we can look forward to with the newest iteration of the iPhone. Here are a few:

  • Force Touch Display: This standout feature is highly-anticipated and awaited by many iPhone lovers. What is Force Touch Display? Well, your smartphone will now know the difference between taps and presses by measuring the contact area of your finger. Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald stated, “There’s going to be a lot of different features in how you interact with Force Touch and what it does that maybe we’re not thinking about yet.”
  • Same Screen Size: Users get to stay comfortable with the standard 4.7in. and 5.5in. screens.
  • A Rose Gold Option: iPhone 6s will soon be available in rose gold, which is a very trendy color this year. Additional color options include gold, space grey and silver.
  • Upgraded Camera and Microphone: A 12Mp camera and a microphone will appear on the back of the phone for enhanced audio quality when capturing video.
  • Durability: A more durable casing material and a change to the internal mechanical design will create a more fixed structure.

Have a Broken iPhone? LifeLine Can Help

If you’ve broken your current phone and can’t wait for the new iPhone release date, bring it in to LifeLine Repairs in Peachtree City and we’ll get your device working again so you can continue to check updates on your favorite tech products and release dates. Contact us today for more information, or stop by to have one of our repair specialists perform a free diagnostic on your broken device to pinpoint the exact issue.