As our technology needs become increasingly mobile, industry leaders are having a difficult time keeping up with all of our demands. We now have a wide selection of mobile devices, but our Atlanta cell phone repair specialists note that these devices are handicapped by short battery lives and a frequent need for recharging via a physical outlet. Some people believe that the next big breakthrough in mobile devices will be in battery technology, while others are banking on solar power to help keep us on the go.

Apple’s Solar Patent

Apple is always trying to be more innovative than its competitors by focusing on the future of technology. It filed a patent application in October of 2013 that indicates that it is trying to figure out how to make solar power converters for its entire line of portable technology.

This is not Apple’s first foray into solar power: Apple has created several different solar-powered inventions previously, but these have not been made ready for mass production or sale.

The key to the new patent is that it uses techniques that are possible to achieve using readily available hardware. Our Atlanta iPhone repair experts say that this means Apple would be able to build solar power converters into its products in the near future instead of having to wait for its R&D department to create the technology needed.

Other Competitors’ Solar Plans

Apple isn’t the only high-tech product developer who has a vested interest in adding solar power to its devices. Its competitors at Google and Samsung have also invested time and money into making solar power more affordable and portable.

Each has its own solar panels and renewable energy plants available, but the ultimate goal is to discover a way to make solar energy a part of our everyday technology and thus a part of our everyday lives.