After a few months of training our technicians, we are now offering iPad Air screen repairs at each of our Jacksonville, Nashville and Atlanta Mac repair stores.

One of the drawbacks to the iPad Air is that the lighter weight naturally comes with thinner glass and a thinner back. This means that the iPad Air has a screen that is very fragile—and the Apple support boards are filled with complaints about how easy it is to crack or outright break the screen.

Apparently, if you drop or even merely clean your iPad Air screen, it can crack or break. The device’s screen has failed drop tests and torture tests, which, to our Atlanta cell phone repair technicians, means that it’s likely to have an issue at some point during your ownership.

Although we feel confident that Apple will address and improve many of these issues with future models of the iPad Air, we understand that many people have already purchased these devices and rely on them to make their days go smoothly. In that vein, we are pleased to provide speedy and efficient iPad repairs to all of our customers, whether you make an appointment or simply walk in.

We understand that your iPad Air is your primary computer on the go and that it is essential to your personal and professional life. We want to make it easy for you to get your screen replaced whenever you have an issue. We encourage you to come in to one of our four stores across the southeast if you should ever need to replace your iPad Air screen.

We also want to remind you that we sell top-of-the-line accessories for the iPad Air, including cases that can help your tablet PC to better survive everyday bumps and tumbles. Purchasing an iPad Air case may save you significant money over the long run by adding extra cushioning to protect your screen.

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