Today, most smart phone users count on their Internet-connected mobile devices to furnish them with essential communications and information capabilities. The popularity of this technology has mushroomed since the introduction of light weight, powerful phones. Have you ever wondered whether lucrative opportunities exist within the cell phone repair franchise marketplace? Some recent statistics suggest numerous entrepreneurs currently answer this question with a resounding “Yes”!

Digital Repair Services: An Increasingly Popular Occupation

The introduction of the iconic Apple iPhone in 2007 helped spur consumer interest in Internet-connected mobile phones.(1) The highly respected Pew Research Center reports demographic information about cell phone and technology usage in the United States. The organization issued a fact sheet suggesting the public has largely embraced the concept of mobile technology (especially cell phones). In fact, a significant percentage of the population in the United States (around 20%) relies upon smartphones exclusively to furnish Internet access.(2)

These statistics hold stunning implications for businesses interested in furnishing smartphone repair services. If one in every five people in the nation surfs the Web using a mobile phone, potentially millions of households depend upon these devices as vital portals to the online world. As over-the-top streamed entertainment services and eCommerce continue to expand in scope, it appears smartphone technology will likely remain an important commodity for the near future!

Smartphone Repair Statistics

By 2015, mobile phones in general had become the single most popular electronic device in households in the United States, outstripping standalone PCs and laptop computers in popularity. Smartphones trailed laptops in terms of the number of users at that time.(3) Yet manufacturers witnessed intense public interest in these products, as successive new generations of smartphones demonstrate.(4)

With so many people purchasing and utilizing this technology, the marketplace for smartphone repair services has developed momentum of its own recently. Although reportedly many manufacturers continue to urge consumers to upgrade to replacement phones rather than seek repair services, between 2013 and 2018 the cell phone repair industry enjoyed robust revenue growth. Yet the increase in repair services and technicians catering to this marketplace rose during the same period of time rose by a smaller percentage increase.(5) Many savvy entrepreneurs will likely consider these trends in deciding whether or not to pursue opportunities in the field.


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