Today, the widespread adoption of smart phones offers great convenience for millions of people around the world. As an experienced phone repairer, Lifeline Your Tech Team monitors issues affecting this technology closely. We endeavor to alert our customers about possible glitches or malfunctions that might require the assistance of a repair service.

One problem that sometimes prompts customers to seek iPhone repair assistance has received considerable media attention recently. Some online sites refer to this condition as “Loop Disease”. It refers to an alleged performance issue in two iPhone models.

About Loop Disease

Reportedly, the condition known as “Loop Disease” occurs when the component responsible for clear audio transmissions in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus experiences damage in conjunction with use. In a small number of cases, the chip’s connection to the motherboard may loosen. This malfunction results in a spectrum of symptoms.

In some cases, the phone’s audio system simply does not function as clearly as it did previously. In other cases, the transmission of sound stops completely for some functions. These may include an inability to issue verbal instructions to Siri, the failure of voice-controlled Memo applications, and the “graying out” of Speaker buttons during telephone conversations.

A Slowly Developing Performance Issue

Fortunately, Loop Disease pertains only to a limited number of iPhone models (in the 7 and 7 Plus generations). This performance issue typically becomes apparent over the course of weeks and months. Unlike damage that occurs suddenly, the loosening of the audio chip may result in variable performance for some time. Some phone owners appreciate the significance of this issue only after the complete failure of some audio capabilities.

The gradual onset of this performance issue may prompt some customers to delay seeking repair services. If you harbor any concern that the audio IC chip may have loosened, it makes sense to ask a qualified repairer to check over your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. At a minimum, taking this step might confirm the cause of the audio and/or software glitches.

A Contentious Issue

Recently, attorneys in Illinois and California reportedly filed two class action lawsuits against Apple concerning the audio IC chip performance issue. The legal actions seek remedies that include damages, attorneys fees, and injunctive relief. Loop Disease has become a contentious issue recently.