With the amazing advance of technology within the last 10 years alone, few people can imagine their lives without a personal computer and access to the Internet. While computer prices have generally remained within reasonable limits due to market competition, buying a new computer can still be an expensive endeavor. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to take care of your computer so it will give your many years of service and use.

As an Atlanta Mac repair company, we know the vital role that computers play in people’s lives. If the thought of not having access to your computer makes you hyperventilate, read on below to see how you can protect your computer and make it last.

Stay Cool

Make sure your computer rests on a cool, hard surface whenever you use it. Soft surfaces can block your computer vents and disrupt air flow. If your laptop gets hot often and quickly, purchase a fan to help your computer keep its cool.

Keep Dry

Water and moisture are your computer’s worst enemies. Avoid having liquids near your computer. If you sit for long hours in front of your computer and need to hydrate, put your liquid of choice in a container with a tight lid.

Take Care of the Battery

Keeping your laptop plugged in and constantly charging when you use it is not good for your computer’s battery. Instead, unplug your computer once it’s charged and switch to battery power. At least once a month, let the battery charge run all the way down. This helps prolong battery life.

Clean the Ports

It’s easy for dust to get inside the various ports in your laptop and settle there. Over time, dust build-up can result in a sluggish computer. Clean your computer’s ports two or three times a year, depending on how often you use it and the external conditions. You can bring your computer to a professional computer shop if you find excessive dirt.

Protect Your Computer

Install reliable anti-virus software in your computer to protect it from being brought down by numerous random viruses online. Some viruses can not only access your data but also damage your computer.

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