Today, iPhone repair services assist customers in maintaining the anticipated lifespan of a valuable communications device. On September 16, 2020, Apple released the newest version of its iOS operating system for this popular phone. LifeLine Your Tech Team monitors new developments impacting this brand, including important software innovations.

Many iPhone owners who carry their mobile phone with them while traveling will want to pay close attention to this release. The new iOS 14 system supports some innovative new apps. It also offers important security enhancements to help protect passwords.

About iOS 14

One helpful aspect of the new release involves its widespread availability. All of the Apple iPhones that utilized the previous iOS 13 operating system will reportedly support this latest version. The new iOS 14 software will work in the 7th generation of the iPod Touch, also. Some older Apple iPhone models capable of using iOS 14 include the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 6S Plus.

Exciting New Apps

The iOS 14 operating system enables iPhone owners to translate voice and text communications more easily. It also assists people searching for bicycle paths through several large urban centers (a helpful mode of travel for reducing automobile emissions and fighting climate change). Additionally, the new release includes a widely useful security upgrade. Owners must first upgrade from iOS 13 to iOS 14 in order to use these apps:

1. The Translate App

The new operating system reportedly works with a Translate App to assist phone users in translating voice and text communications between 11 languages. This convenient app allows an iPhone owner to speak with most of the world’s population. The supported languages include: Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Italian, German, French, and Brazilian Portuguese.

2. Apple Maps

Use the Apple Maps app to locate bicycle paths through five large urban areas:

  • New York City;
  • San Francisco;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Beijing;
  • Shanghai.

3. Monitor Password Security

Additionally, iOS 14 offers assistance monitoring the strength of passwords. To access this new feature after upgrading, access Settings. Then go to Passwords and Security Recommendations. Simply slide the toggle button on under the heading “Detect Compromised Passwords.” The iPhone will monitor the strength of passwords and suggest changing easily guessed passwords.