The war between Samsung and Apple is so ubiquitous that every tech fan or phone user often feels obligated to pick sides. On one side we have the instantly-recognizable Apple brand with its sleek form factor, highly-usable iOS and clean App Store filled with top-notch software. On the other side we have the increasingly large and feature-filled Samsung smartphones for every type of entertainment or business – sure there are other Android phones out there, but why pick anything else when Samsung’s lineup is so great? No matter what side you pick, we have iPhone 6 repair in Houston and Houston Samsung repair for both sides.

But who’s currently winning? Well, the war is closer than ever before but Samsung’s international dominance continues to give the manufacturer the edge. In the second quarter of 2015, Samsung had a 21.7% share of the global smartphone market, shipping 73.2 million units. Apple’s market share in the same time frame was 14.1 percent, with shipments totaling 47.5 million.

Samsung Triumphant

Samsung tends to win these quarterly contests because of its worldwide appeal. Many Asian countries prefer home-grown champ Samsung. Results in China have been mixed but often favor Samsung. Japan wants nothing to do with Apple.

The variance in Samsung smartphones also gives the company an edge – literally in this case, with innovative offerings like the Galaxy Note Edge with its small sidescreen notifications. Apple, meanwhile, is stuck with the same recipe every generation – the most innovative those phones have gotten is a large version with the iPhone 6 Plus, years after Samsung was offering various “phablets” of its own. If you have a Samsung phone remember that LifeLine repairs offers Houston Samsung repair for any problem you may have. If you have an iPhone Plus, don’t worry, we’ve got iPhone 6 repair in Houston for you, too.

Ongoing Battles

Hey, this is no reason to feel bad about having an iPhone – there’s a reason we offer iPhone 6 repair in Houston for all you Apple fans, in addition to Houston Samsung repair. You see, Apple’s latest efforts are slowly balancing out those global sales, with increased marketing in the Asian sector and more product diversity to appeal to greater users.

Rewind to a year ago, and the second quarter results looked quite different. Samsung, while still a winner, has lost market share since then. Apple, meanwhile, gained around 3 percent of market share. And let’s not forget that in the holiday-fueled fourth quarter, Apple sales did indeed surpass Samsung’s thanks to the new iPhone Plus models.

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