When the smartphone market seems to be controlled by Android and Apple, how do other phones stack up to the competition? Let’s take a look at Microsoft’s Nokia Lumia 920 and see:

The first thing you’ll notice is the size and weight. This phone is 5.11 inches tall  and weighs .41 pounds, which is noticeably taller and over half the weight of the iPhone 5.  Phones have increased in size in the last few years since more users want additional real estate for searching. Nokia is not the first company to put out a larger phone, but the 920 feels a bit bulky, in size and in it’s weight. As more phones are going for a trimmer look, the 920 went for the opposite.

I like the speed of the 920, which uses a dual core processor.  Many users complained about the performance of the previous two Windows Phones, but the 920 has significant improvements, particularly with connecting to Xbox and SkyDrive straight from the phone.

I was really impressed with the screen. The resolution is fantastic, and might be a little higher than the iPhone 5. Not by much, but still worth noting. It’s very easy to read on the 920. Even the camera works great in dim, to lower lighting. And the stabilization of taking photos is second-to- none.

Overall, I like the Nokia Lumia 920. The speed of the phone and the advances from previous models make this hard to pass up. But, some reports of reception issues and the bulkiness of the phone might not generate the type of sales Microsoft is looking for.

Any Nokia users out there agree or disagree?