Customers seeking cell phone repair services sometimes pose an interesting question: can someone take action to maintain the useful lifespan of this type of electronic device? Following six basic precautions helps optimize your investment in a cell phone. Taking these actions may help avoid costly repair services in some circumstance:

Use Protective Cases And/or Skins

Using a sturdy case helps safeguard your phone against some accidents. Dropping the device on a hard surface or accidentally spilling a beverage over it sometimes results in heartbreaking damage. Investing in a highly rated case or skin often more than pays for itself by helping to maintain the phone’s anticipated lifespan!

Only Utilize Brand Authorized Recharging Devices

Using only authorized accessories (including recharging devices) often helps prevent costly damage. Manufacturers sometimes specify the use of specific brands for recharging phone batteries. Adhering to these instructions helps customers maintain warranties in place.

Clean Peripheral Gadgets Regularly

Even fine dust particles can cause significant damage to sensitive electronic devices. Clean any mobile phone peripheral devices regularly (including cell phone stands). This maintenance helps prevent windblown debris from causing damage.

Don’t Store Too Many Files

Attempting to store too many large applications on the device may slow down some features. The storage capacities of Internet connected mobile phones vary. Consider periodically (and carefully) removing unused optional apps.

Update The Operating System And Apps

By obtaining operating system updates, customers sometimes avoid potential security vulnerabilities. Your manufacturer’s instruction manual should provide helpful guidelines to follow concerning operating and security updates for your brand of mobile phone. Always check the compatibility of an app with your phone’s operating system before downloading and installing a new application. This practice helps consumers avoid software-related problems.

Only Download Trusted Apps

Exercise particular caution downloading mobile phone apps from unknown sources. Even well-known designers sometimes include dubious features in their code. Last month, for example, the Google Store removed two apps that consumers had downloaded 6 million times. The code reportedly enabled the unauthorized tracking and profiling of customers. Untrustworthy apps might potentially contain code capable of damaging cell phone operating systems or divulging personal information.