Viruses have been an issue since the age of computing began and they’ve spread from desktops and laptops to mobile phones. This can be a large concern because you store pictures, messages and other private information that you don’t want to provide access to on your device. Mobile threats are a real concern and it can be worrisome to think about the potential damage that an infection on your phone could cause if allowed to run rampant. Expand your knowledge and understanding by learning more specifics about “Android” viruses and how to avoid them.

Does an Android Virus exist?

The term virus is widespread and is classified as a program that attaches itself to other programs to replicate itself, similar to how cold viruses spread from one person to another. The term has been used on a large scale basis to refer to all viruses, spyware, and malware that can infect your device. Smartphones have not been exposed to viruses in the traditional sense in the same way that they were introduced to computers. Technically speaking, an Android virus doesn’t exist but the malicious software does and is commonly thought of as a virus.

Understanding Malware

Malicious software is also known as malware. Its purpose is to secretly control a device, access private information such as passwords or account numbers, or attempt to obtain money from the owner. It is frequently used to obtain passwords, create fake charges on personal accounts, and in some cases, pinpoint a user’s location without their consent or knowledge. It can also make you think you need cell phone repair because performance is often affected.

How is it transmitted?

Limit the apps you download to ones in the official app store and don’t allow apps from unknown sources. This significantly cuts your risk. Malware disguises itself as a legitimate app, and it may be, but comes included with extra “features” that you didn’t intend to install. Be cautious when installing anything from a webpage or if it hasn’t been verified.

Protecting yourself

  • Use a mobile security app to scan for suspicious apps
  • Only download from trusted locations
  • Check ratings and reviews from others who have used the app to verify authenticity and potential bugs

Staying vigilant and limiting what you download is the best way to keep your phone safe. Don’t let your guard down for an appealing app that is a trick. Keep your personal information safe from unwanted eyes.