It seems like the second that you replace or upgrade your laptop, a newer, better laptop will come on the market or a sale will be announced on the model you purchased a few months later. It stings because a laptop is a sizeable investment, and you always want to have the best product for the lowest price. Our Atlanta Mac repair team doesn’t want you to have to experience this frustration, so we decided to offer a few tips on when you should buy a new laptop.

Make Sure You Need It

Brand new laptops are undeniably desirable, especially if your laptop is a few years old. The promise of a sleeker design, improved power and storage space and other exciting new features is enough to make you want to bust out the credit card right then and there. However, if your current laptop works well, our Atlanta phone repair techs find you will actually get a better return on your investment if you wait.

Depending on what you use your laptop for, you may need to replace it before it stops functioning. If the hardware no longer supports your needs, if it is not able to travel like you need it to or if the battery is unable to last as long as you need it to and can’t be replaced, you might want to replace it before its true time has come. As long as you are certain you need to replace it, our Atlanta iPod repair specialists believe that the investment in a new laptop is worthwhile.

Time Your Purchase Well

While you can’t wait forever when you need to purchase a new laptop, you can try to time the purchase well. This is pretty easy to do with Mac products. Our Atlanta Mac repair team has found that Apple doesn’t change its prices on current models frequently, so your only real concern is avoiding buying a new MacBook just before the release of a new model. Apple typically times the release of their new laptop models for spring with minor updates in autumn. Check the MacWorld website to see whether you should buy or wait.

Windows laptops are a very different species. There are some common release times and sale times like late spring and late summer, but you can’t be sure that your favorite brand will have a sale or release a new model at these times. Just see what sort of sales are occurring when you want to buy a new laptop, get the best model you can for the best price and resign yourself to knowing that inevitably something better will come along in a few months.

No matter what you get, it will be a distinct improvement over your previous laptop, and our Atlanta iPad repair team believes that is far more important than making sure you have the absolute latest and greatest tech.