You carefully selected the best tech experts to resolve your computer’s problem. Now it’s time to send your device in to LifeLine Repairs to get it fixed. Before sending your computer off to the shop, you should take a few steps to protect your information and prepare your device. This article will tell you what you should do before sending in your computer for repair.

Store important files in the cloud

If there are files you want to have access to while your computer is in the shop, make sure the files are saved in a cloud-based account. Any changes you make to the files from a different device will sync to your computer once you get it back.

Backup your computer

Use a backup utility and an external hard drive to create a backup image of your computer’s SSD or hard drive. You can use the backup as a restore point in case any important data gets erased or corrupted during the repair process.

It’s a good idea to talk to your computer technician before restoring from a backup to find out whether it is safe to do so or whether this might reintroduce the original problem to the computer.

Protect sensitive information

You probably have files on your computer that contain sensitive data such as financial information, or you might have some files you don’t want to be seen by anyone else. Before sending your computer away to the shop, you should encrypt those files or remove them since you have them backed up.

Make your computer accessible

The repair technician will likely need to be logged on to your computer, so if you have it set to require a password for access you should temporarily disable the logon password.

Be sure they know the computer’s problem

You already told the shop what was wrong with your computer, but the information might not have made it to the repair technician who needs it. To avoid this issue, type up a description of the problem and save it in the computer’s startup folder by putting the following path in the file name field: %appdata%microsoftwindowsstartmenuprogramsstartup.

You can then print the problem description and tape it to your computer when you take it to the shop, so they will have both a hard and soft copy.

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