Many people appreciate the ability to avoid some types of cell phone repair bills by performing regular maintenance. Keeping these portable high tech devices in good condition ensures optimal utility. Consider taking some common sense precautions to help maintain your cell phone in the best possible working order:

1. Invest in a Screen Protector And a Case

Most experts recommend selecting a durable screen protector to help safeguard your screen against some types of damaging accidents. This investment does not even require an extensive outlay of funds. It may more than pay for itself under some circumstances. Similarly, a durable case offers protection against an array of accidents. Spilled beverages and an assortment of daily mishaps all too easily damage unprotected cell phones. Carrying cases help reduce some types of preventable losses.

2. Keep Screens And Ports Dust-Free

Follow the instruction manual for cleaning cell phone screens and ports. Even comparatively tiny particles of dust sometimes interfere with optimal device performance. Ensure the cleaning methods you use won’t inadvertently void the warranty; if in doubt, contact the phone manufacturer for advice about the best way to prevent dust from damaging these components for your phone model.

3. Remember to Power Down at Intervals

Experts also urge consumers to turn off a cell phone from time to time. Powering down helps maintain battery lifespans in some cases. Once again, it usually makes sense to adhere closely to manufacturer instructions concerning this point.

4. Replace Batteries on Schedule

Also ensure you follow your model’s recommended battery replacement schedule. Using only original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) batteries holds value. It helps ensure you know the anticipated length of battery life for your specific cell phone model.

5. Optimize Speed by Periodically Reviewing App Performance

Finally, evaluate the performance of your cell phone apps at regular intervals. Consider removing apps you’ve added which perform incompatibly with your phone’s operating system.

Obtain Repair Services if Necessary

If you notice possible cell phone malfunctions despite performing regular maintenance, consider obtaining knowledgeable repair services. Some types of problems with electric devices grow progressively worse over the course of time. These issues may result in extensive damage. By taking your phone to a skilled repairer if damage occurs, you’ll help keep it in optimal condition!