As a computer owner, never discount the importance of dedicated antivirus protection to reduce the need for computer repair. Even the most cautious individuals can accidentally click a link in an e-mail or visit a site with malicious ads. While antivirus software doesn’t protect from every single threat imaginable, it is an excellent resource to keep your system and information safe.

Security and Antivirus News

  • Cybercrime costs $1.1 million for every minute of 2018 for a total loss of over $600 billion for the year
  • Viruses come in many forms, including the face of former president Barack Obama, which is actually a .exe file that requests the user to submit a tip in order to decrypt it, which actually executes the virus
  • There was a weakness in the 7-zip software that F-Secure, a cybersecurity company, used for distributing their antivirus program that allowed hackers to gain control over an individual’s computer through the RAR file

Top Antivirus Suite

Norton is a name that’s been around for a long time, and with good reason. Norton Security Premium offers plenty of protection, but the price is a little steep at $110/year, but the first year is offered at a reduced price of $55. The license allows you to use the suite on up to ten different devices.

Budget Antivirus Solutions

AVG won’t cost you as much to use at $70/year, but the interface leaves something to be desired. There is no limit to how many devices you can install it on, which makes it perfect if you need an affordable option for many computers.

Best Beginner Option

Beginners might want to set their sights on Trend Micro Maximum Security if they want an option that isn’t too simple, but not extremely complicated either. There is an option for a simple scan, or you can utilize more advanced options for a deep scan.

Things to Look For

There are three things to look for when choosing an antivirus suite. They are:

  • Minimal use of system resources
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Detecting malware and other threats

They also should have an option to backup essential files, access to an app for Android devices, and the ability to use the software on a multitude of devices.

The best option for your antivirus solution is one that fits your needs with room for flexibility.