One of the most exciting things about a mobile operating system is the release of a new one with more features, security, and options than the one before. IOS 11 has been embraced by many iPhone users, but it isn’t without its flaws that might lead you to seek out iPhone repair. Try the following fixes if you’re experiencing any of these common issues after you update to the latest version of iOS 11.1.

Music Player Controls

Some people are experiencing issues with Spotify when trying to control music. The best way to do so is to ensure you have the latest version of the app. It might be necessary to uninstall and re-install the app if an update doesn’t fix the problem. There could be more bugs in other apps that will require the developers to fix before you experience relief.

Battery Life

It’s the same story as with all updates. Users report that their battery is dying much faster. Updates to the operating system tend to fix it by optimizing efficiency. Other things you can do to conserve battery life:

  • Use low power mode located under settings
  • Turn down the display since the screen consumes the most power
  • Put your phone into sleep mode

Turn off Wi-fi and Bluetooth

The switches in control center to control your Bluetooth and wi-fi don’t actually turn off the features, but instead, disconnect your phone from any devices that it is currently connected to it. Your phone still looks for these connections and wastes your battery life. If you want to turn these features off, you’ll need to switch them off by going into your settings.


An odd bug that has come with iOS 11 is that the calculator is delayed at registering the key presses as fast as you can type them. Wait until Apple fixes the bug or get a third-party app to handle your calculating needs if you rely on your phone.

Some bugs need time to get fixed. Sit tight and wait for Apple and app developers to fix the problems. The most common ones will be reported and hopefully fixed sooner rather than later. Be patient and you’ll quickly realize that the new features and functions were worth the inconvenience for a short time period.