Every time tragedy strikes, one question is on every cell phone owner’s mind: do I try to fix it, or replace it?

Certainly, many people end up replacing their phones every couple of years anyway, thanks to the special offers providers put in their contracts. But what happens if your recently purchased model suffers damage? Most cell phone users actually do wait till damage occurs or their phones become horribly outdated.

Manufacturers use aggressive marketing in the hope that most users will update their phones of choice as soon as possible. They produce various improvements large and small to incentivize users to purchase new phones often. Cell phone repair companies, such as Lifeline Repairs, offer attractive servicing options for users who would prefer to breathe new life into their favorite phones instead. Perhaps surprisingly, repair companies have seen quite large growth in the last few years. Primarily because damage to cell phones occurs in pretty large numbers.

Well over half the adult population–not to mention kids–owns a smartphone, and at least a third of these will lose, damage or break their phones before it’s time to get a new one. Most of the time, this damage comes in the form of a cracked screen thanks to dropping the phone. Next to that is spillage, which can affect the look of the phone and its inner workings.

If this has happened to you, you don’t need to automatically assume that the phone is gone forever.

Repairs Are Cheaper Than You Think

People assume that because smartphones are so expensive, it probably costs at least as much as the phone itself to fix a problem. However, more often than not, the reverse is true. You can usually get a smartphone repaired for half of what you paid for it; less than that, in the case of some iPhones.

Green Phones

Choosing to repair instead of replace that phone is better for the environment too. Luckily, phone recycling is up to over 40%, recovering such materials as copper, silver, gold and palladium for reuse instead of wasting away. You can be a part of this helpful trend, and it’s pretty easy to do considering you can get a free estimate from most licensed repair companies, like Lifeline above. It’s worth it just for the positive environmental impact, of keeping your favorite old phone out of the garbage, if nothing else.