The Samsung Galaxy S4 is about to hit retail stores here in US and most of us, including analysts, expect this smartphone to be main rival to current market king the iPhone 5. Of course several technology writers who were able to get their hands on the GS4 before the release came to a conclusion that it’s a good but not great device.

Many felt that software was not as good as one could have expected. Here are some insights from technology writers from “Wired”, “All Things D” and “Engadget”.  For example one of the the biggest new features of GS4 is ability to scroll by moving your eyes or waving your hand, but apparently it only works in the Android browser while not working in the Chrome browser, Google reader, Kindle or Instapaper where most people spend their time reading. Furthermore, looking away to pause the video does not work in YouTube, only in the Samsung video player.

Despite buggy software, half-baked features and software imperfections it is still a blazing fast smartphone. It operates on Android 4.2.2, has an amazing camera and a quad-core processor. The exterior on the other hand did not see that big of a change. Its still largely a plastic frame, has user interchangeable battery and memory card slot. The only big change exterior wise is larger screen.

All in all, GS4 is entering the market on solid ground largely thanks to its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is a great successor to Samsung Galaxy S3, it adds a bigger screen, better camera, lots of software tweaks and features and will definitely shake things up in the market and rival iPhone 5.