Samsung’s latest foray into the Android smartphone market is the Galaxy S5. Each of our experts in cell phone repair in Atlanta has had a chance to experience the new S5, and here’s what we think about it.


It would seem that the only real innovation Samsung has included with the S5 is a heart rate monitor, but it’s technology that the medical community has used for years. Basically, the device shines light through the small capillaries in your fingertip and determines your pulse based on changes. This addition may be an exciting one for fitness buffs, but for everyday activities, it may just be one more feature that you ignore.

Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung’s gotten itself into an extended legal battle going back and forth with Apple over patent violations (with both sides being found at fault at various times, we must note). With this in mind, we find that the S5’s new fingerprint sensor bears an uncomfortable resemblance to Apple’s Touch ID sensor. Even worse, the Samsung sensor has a higher failure rate than Touch ID, which makes it less than ideal for unlocking your phone.

We do like that you can use the fingerprint sensor as a specific security tool within the OS to unlock sensitive data or authorize payments. We feel that this is a unique and more logical way to use a fingerprint scanner in everyday life and that it will actually help to make phones more secure.


The Galaxy S5 hasn’t really changed much in looks or materials from the S4. It’s still made out of high-quality plastics, which does not compete well with other options on the market. The pebbled faux leather back is pleasant to hold for a time, and it has its visual appeal. Unfortunately, it’s a disappointment if you compare it to the design and materials used by Samsung’s competition.

Our Verdict

Honestly, there isn’t a huge difference in our minds between the S5 and its predecessor, the S4. There are a few basic spec upgrades, but the main wow factor selling points are weak additions that are not worth upgrading over on their own.

If you like Android phones and haven’t upgraded in a while, the S5 is worth it, but if you have an S4, we recommend that you save your money for the next upgrade in the Galaxy series.