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The latest word on Korean technology giant Samsung is that they are getting ready to introduce a fresh innovation on their Edge series.

What Came Before

This is not the first time that Samsung came out with a secondary display area on its smartphones. They unveiled the Samsung Continuum in 2010 that featured a diminutive display area between the phone’s capacitive buttons. As revolutionary of an idea as it was at that time, it did not fare well at all in the consumer market.

Galaxy Note Edge

Fast-forward to 2014 when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note Edge. As expected, its main design feature – a right-sided curved edge – generated the most reaction from both consumers and developers. In many ways, the Galaxy Note Edge built upon the design and technology of Samsung’s more well-known device, the Note 4. The Galaxy Note Edge has a sleek and post-modern appeal and treats users to another 160 pixels of screen display real estate by virtue of the curved panel. Overall, users came away intrigued, but not overwhelmingly impressed with the device.

The Galaxy S6 Edge

It’s rumored that Samsung’s latest gadget will feature not one, but two edge displays. The main panel of the Galaxy S6 Edge can be activated from either the left or the right curve. This is a definite plus for left-handed users (or even right-handed users who are more accustomed to holding their phones in their left hand.) Samsung also gives users the capability of assigning specific colors to chosen contacts. Texts or calls from these contacts will show up as color notifications on the edge area.

It is unknown what other features Samsung will launch with the Galaxy S6 Edge. Consumers and phone techs will just have to wait and see when this technology giant will be ready for its next turn in the smartphone spotlight.

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