The iPhone is quite easily one of the best inventions known to mankind. Apple rarely fails to amaze, but they took their creative abilities to a whole new level with the launching of their now-famous smartphone line a few years back. And the models keep getting better and better! Just when you think they cannot outdo themselves, they have the power to turn heads.

Despite their sheer popularity and off-the-chart sales, iPhones are not cheap. So when these screens prized possessions of the modern consumer electronic world become cracked, people often tend to panic.

Is It Cheaper to Repair a Broken Screen?

For the iPhone specifically, the decision to repair or replace can be a tough one to make. DIY repair is understandably the cheapest method as you can buy a replacement screen for as low as $60 and a basic repair kit for around $10. These come with the specialty tools needed to safely remove the screen but require precision movement to prevent lasting damage.

If you do not trust your tech skills, you can always send your iPhone into Apple for a replacement, granted you are covered under a qualifying AppleCare warranty program. Please note that this is an optional service that supplements the phone’s standard warranty, and you get up to two accidental damage replacements.

The cost of a new screen is $80, but it will take up to three weeks to get your phone back from the manufacturer. The deductibles for non-AppleCare insurance coverage can range anywhere from $80 up to $200, so be sure to shop around and read the fine print before signing on the dotted line!

Lastly, and perhaps most important for non-insured iPhone owners, are the services offered by third-party Atlanta phone repair shops like LifeLine. For the older 3, 3G and 3S models, we charge a flat rate of $50 to replace the touch screen. This price is $150 for the latest 5, 5C and 5S series, both for a touch-screen or LCD replacement.

If you are eligible for cheaper cell phone repair in Atlanta through AppleCare or another insurance provider, by all means use it. However, customers who are not should avoid selling their phone as we can get any damaged device back to normal condition in no time!