Almost everyone has an iPhone these days. Due to their small size and slim design styles, these electronic devices can easily become broken if care is not taken to ensure its safety.

Although there are some fantastic iPhone Repair services, there are some things iPhone users can do preventively to reduce repair costs and hassles. Read on for some simple tips to keep your cherished iPhone operating at peak efficiency while keeping your sensitive personal stored data safe from prying eyes and secure online and off.

Keep Your iPhone Clean Using Approved Cleaner & Soft Lint-Free Cloth

Since our cell phones tend to go with us everywhere, they are likely to get dirty or scratched if not protected and extra care is not taken by the user. You should clean your iPhone often using a cleaner approved for these electronic devices and dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

Change Thin Skin Protectors Often to Protect Your Screen from Scratches

There are lots of great and affordable skin protectors that are used to protect the iPhone screen from getting unwanted scratches and other mars. However, these thin protectors can wear out quickly with frequent use of the phone. Change these skin protectors often to avoid undesirable scratches and other screen related nicks and mars.

There Are Thicker Screen Protectors Available Too

Some iPhone users prefer to invest in a thicker screen protector to prevent screen breakage and/or scratch marks. These may not be available for all brands, and some change the look of your phone. These should be professionally installed for a better fit.

Keep Your iPhone from Extreme Temperature Changes

Even the best glass screens can crack or become otherwise damaged if left in extreme temperatures. Avoid keeping your phone outdoors or locked in a hot or freezing cold car. These temperature ranges should not go below 40 degrees F or above 100 degrees F.

Consider Purchasing a Case for Your iPhone

There are protective cases too that can help prevent phone damage. These may be limited for some brands especially if using a screen glass protector.

Remember to Use Basic Security Measures to Keep You Data Safe

Even with security features engaged, hackers may gain access to personal data if the user is not careful. Remember to:

  • Use a secure password with letters/numbers/special characters
  • Keep up with iOS updates
  • Reboot your phone weekly

If your iPhone does begin to act up or is damaged, contact a local reputable iPhone shop, such as LifeLine Repairs, that performs repairs.