Once only popular with the rich and famous, smart homes today are for the average homeowner too. These systems can be a simple home security door alarm setup, or it could include other smart home related automation options like remote and timed lights on/off cycle, voice activated door and window locks, remote monitoring of the entire property and smart home features like an automatic fridge and oven temperature settings, AC/heat controlled remotely and voice activated music, television and more.

New Smart Home Trends for 2022 Include Creative Design Ideas for Automation

Some of the latest talk regarding smart homes of the future include more availability for homeowners to fully customize their overall home automation systems.

Along with the traditional smart home features like programmed lights, security systems and indoor temperature controls changed remotely, more smart home product manufacturers are coming up with creative design ideas to put the latest automation gadgets for the home in other areas of the house such as in bathrooms, basements, home offices and in the laundry room.

Automate Your Family’s Laundry with Timed or Remote Activated Washer/Dryer Settings

Make doing your family’s piles of dirty laundry a much pleasanter experience with some clever automation systems along with money and energy saving features and space-saving ingenious solutions. This can include a laundry sink, a lower ergonomic back-saving folding table, pull-out drying racks, a wall-mounted ironing board and wheeled laundry baskets among many other choices.

Make Good Use of That Underused Basement Space with Fresh Automated Ideas

Homeowners today are jazzing up their basement spaces in unusual but clever and practical ways using smart home features and automated systems.

Some terrific automated basement ideas include:

  • Create the ultimate home theatre room.
  • Transform the space for a game room.
  • Setup a lower-level home gym with automated voice activated music, videos, temperature controls and a fully automated shower.
  • Create a chic bar or dining area.
  • Build a fun kid’s playroom or teen hangout space.
  • Craft studio, workshop or music room.

Upgrade & Automate Your Home Office

With more people working from home these days, it makes sense to upgrade and automate your home office area. Soundproof the walls, add clever storage spaces, pipe in music and create an idyllic yet practical workspace that makes it easier to get work done.