As the smartwatch trend continues to rise in popularity, Android users should familiarize themselves with the variety of available products before committing to a purchase. In just a few short years, a number of diverse styles boasting the Android Wear platform have hit the market. Among other smart devices, watches are incredibly personal, convenient and customizable. While some users embrace the tech-savvy look of a smartwatch, others look for accessibility disguised as an ordinary timekeeper.

Why Do I Need a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch can be an ideal investment for on-the-go professionals who need to stay updated without being glued to their phones. It’s also a discreet alternative to carting around a tablet or other bulkier gadget when commuting to work, traveling on vacation or exercising at the gym. Wearers stay informed of calls, text messages, emails, and social media alerts without the constant interruption.

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Smartwatches for Android Users

1. LG Watch Urbane

The Urbane was the first smartwatch to adopt Android’s 5.1.1, and the model remains a cutting-edge option among other industry products. The digital face comes in classic silver or gold, and wearers can change the leather strap easily to customize the look. The clean organization of commands, apps, and contacts make LG’s product visually appealing without sacrificing utility.

The Urbane’s discreet round display is ideal for buyers looking for a wearable, sophisticated accessory to dress up their daily outfits. In general, one major complaint about smartwatches is that they look clunky; the robotic appendages can border on tacky. But the Urbane is among the sleekest, most natural-looking smartwatches to grace the market.

2. Asus Zenwatch

The Asus Zenwatch is celebrated for its incredible personality. The product can be customized very easily via its uncomplicated strap and versatile lugs. Beyond its look, users regularly boast about its easy adapting to the charging dock, a convenient attribute that eliminates the hassle associated with other models.

The Zenwatch features a unique square face with rounded corners, a happy compromise for buyers stuck between the two polarizing shape options. Its functionality is on par with the Urbane. Although wearers complain about some annoying preloaded apps, a quick trip to LifeLine can help fix any bugs or issues with its system.

3. Moto 360

The Moto 360 offers an effortless look with its choice of leather strap or a new stainless steel bracelet, although reviews of the latter are mixed. The display is clean and modern, as it stretches from end to end of the round face with little distraction at the border. Some pixels are visible, but the brand still delivers an attractive-looking smartwatch.

The 360’s custom face attracts users looking for complete customization, allowing you to adapt the color of its prominent screen to match your clothing for any occasion. This model is the only one to offer the convenient innovation of Qi wireless charging, a definite advantage.

Image courtesy of: Creative Commons / Will Rodriguez