The best smart home automation uses technology to make your daily life better. There are more things in your home that you can automate than you might imagine. Here are some of those devices.

The Devices

The devices that you can automate in your home, makes your home safer, and more convenient. Several of these may be devices you are aware of. Here are the ones that you might not know about.

  • Plugs
  • Vacuums
  • Pet Nanny
  • Appliances

Most people have heard about smart speakers and lights. A lot of people know about smart video security systems. It turns out there’s a few smarter automation things that you can put into your home today. Using them allows you to improve the quality of your life.


Smart plugs are a recent development that allows you to take anything that it plugs into and make it a smarter version. That means that you don’t need to buy all devices ready to go. You can also convert them into new smart devices.


So you tell yourself you can’t afford a maid. Or maybe you just don’t want a stranger coming into your house to clean it. Well, they haven’t created a device to dust your house by automation, but they have created a vacuum that can do that. You can set it and forget it with an automated vacuum. Imagine connecting to your cell phone and instructing the vacuum in your house to clean it before you get home.

Robot Nanny

Forget about hiring that pet nanny when you’re on a trip. Instead, get one of the many robots that are now available to use with your home automation system. You can go on a trip and access video footage of your pet from the road. You can even program the robots to give your pet a treat as you speak with your pet through the video of the robot. Play games with your pet and entertain them. All the while, you’re enjoying your vacation period don’t forget about those automated feeders too period now if we could just get poop scoopers. They have those two these days.


This one is really convenient. You can get automated appliances that connect through your smartphone. Imagine being able to adjust various appliances in your kitchen or even your washer and dryer remotely, period now you can. SMART HOME AUTOMATION & SECURITY DONE RIGHT. LEARN MORE.