Since the release of the first Internet-connected smart phone over a decade ago, high tech mobile devices have gained popularity around the world. Consumers frequently encounter problems locating warranty information rapidly. Recently implemented modifications to the beta version of the Apple iOS 12.2 iPhone may soon change this situation. Yet consumers need to remember important coverage exclusions and restrictions still apply.

Retaining Warranty Information: a Problem

Many new tech owners lose track of instruction manuals and warranties over the course of time; some customers fail to pay much attention to the fine print at the time of purchase. This tendency sometimes creates delays and confusion if it becomes necessary to seek qualified repair services. The prospect of mailing a phone to a repair center, only to discover weeks later the warranty expired months previously holds little appeal for most folks.

Apple recently updated the latest Apple iOS 12.2 system with a sixth beta version. One change involves the addition of software designed to assist customers seeking to access warranty information seamlessly. The new Setting Menu contains a “Warranty Status” section allowing customers covered by the AppleCare+ package to quickly verify the status of the phone’s warranty. This feature permits a phone user to check:

  • The phone’s hardware warranty;
  • The iPhone warranty expiration date;
  • The eligibility of the device for repair services;

Reportedly, the AppleCare+ service will also include extensive information about any available insurance and warranty extension plans.(1) These changes may help some customers obtain easier access to iPhone repair services.

Important Coverage Parameters Still Apply

AppleCare+ coverage allows customers to obtain reduced prices for certain types of repairs. However, customers who opt to purchase this protection need to evaluate the plan in light of their circumstances and budget. Available for purchase on most newer model iPhones during the first two months, the price of the AppleCare+ plans vary based upon the make and model of the device, and whether a customer purchases the service outright or obtains it on a recurring monthly basis.(2)

Reportedly, the extended warranty plan doesn’t cover intentional or reckless damage. It protects against two breakage, loss, or theft incidents during a two year period. Phone owners must have activated the “Find My iPhone” feature at the time of a theft or loss in order to obtain protection.(2)