It seems like everyone either has broken their iPhone themselves or has a friend who has broken their iPhone, possibly more than once. LifeLine Repairs’ Atlanta phone repair specialists know that iPhones are fragile technology that are susceptible to damage, but even we were shocked when we looked into the statistics on broken iPhones.

One-third of iPhones Get Broken Each Year

Within one year, roughly 30 percent of iPhones will suffer accidental damage. Although this certainly improves our business performing iPhone repair in Atlanta, this number concerns us. We feel certain that the numbers are much larger for individuals who have accidents with their iPhones that don’t result in the phone becoming damaged, but to have nearly a third be genuinely damaged every year tells us that these phones are fragile and easily broken.

Accidents That Cause Damage

The top causes of accidental iPhone damage are:

  • Falling out of the user’s hand
  • Falling into liquid
  • Falling out of the user’s lap
  • Getting knocked off of a table
  • Having liquid spilled on it

These accidents are incredibly commonplace occurrences and they are very easy to do even if you are careful. In addition to the 30 percent of users who accidentally break their iPhones once during any 12 month period, more than half of those users will end up breaking their phone through an accident a second time. These damages have added up to more than $6 billion in repairs and replacements.

What Can You Do?

Our experts in cell phone repair in Atlanta recommend taking a few precautionary measures to avoid damaging your iPhone. As the majority of accidental damage is caused by the phone falling, we recommend getting a strong case that will help your phone to better survive impact.

The second most common damage is caused by liquids. We encourage you to look into waterproof cases for your phone and we recommend keeping your phone away from standing water, bathrooms and kitchen sinks.